Salah Times

Fajir Iqama = Adan + 20 minutes
All Others = Adan + 10 minutes
Jumu'ah @ 01:15 PM

ICRM Constitution

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Muslim Students Association Courses during Spring 2014 Semester

 On Mondays: FREE Arabic Language Sessions ;

 On Wednesdays: The 3rd workshop of Arabic Calligraphy (Naskh Script);

All sessions will be held [between 7-8:30PM] in Room 202 MS&T Library.

Friday (Jumua'h) Prayer Timing:

 Insha Allah, we will continue holding ONLY ONE main Jumua’h @ 1:15 PM throughout spring 2014 semester.  However, if you have a serious continuous timing conflict that will prevent you from attending Friday prayers  (i.e. You can’t make it within 01:15 -01:45 PM), please fill out the form


The center will be open everyday from Fajir - Isha

Narrated Haritha bin Wahab : I heard the Prophet saying, "O people! Give in charity as a time will come upon you when a person will wander about with his object of charity and will not find anybody to accept it, and one (who will be requested to take it) will say, "If you had brought it yesterday, would have taken it, but to-day I am not in need of it."  (Bukhari, Book #24, Hadith #492)